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Plastic bottles - NO OTHER PLASTIC

Cleaner and detergent bottles

Milk bottles

Drinks bottles

Toiletries and shampoo bottles

Cardboard -

Cardboard egg boxes

Cardboard fruit and veg punnets

Cardboard sleeves

Cereal boxes

Corrugated cardboard small and flattened

Toilet roll tubes


Brown envelopes

Junk mail



Telephone directories

Window envelopes

Yellow Pages

Metal packaging


Drinks cans

Food tins

Please bag/wrap  other items and put in big black bins  (on the left)

INFORMATION FOR PO40DE (Communal Reycling) TAKEN FROM Portsmouth Council website

There is a green bin for glass bottles.  No other glass can be recycled here.

GLASS wine BOTTLES  Current a trial using small green bins

Put in big green bins on the right not bagged or wrapped  

Recycling at Tudor Rose Court
as of July 2020

WEEE Disposal of Electrical Items

This can prove difficult and expensive to dispose of electrical items.

However there is an easy and cheaper method.

Contact the email address below and they send back an email with an address label. The nearest address to take you parcel to is 73 Clarendon Road which has long opening hours.

Contact Lisa Goulden, Specialist in recycling IT and electrical goods.

Office: 01925 47 48 49

Email: admin@weeecharity.co.uk

Recycling Electrical and large items

There are several local charities that will collect such items. Do telephone to check.

The DEBRA charity has proved popular, (though others including British Heart Foundation have a good reputation as well).  

They will collect, for free, any donations of furniture (if fabric - they need to have the fire safety label attached), Electrical (in full working order) or home ware items.

DEBRA  contact details are:  www.debra.org.uk    

51-55 Elm Grove, Portsmouth, PO5 1JF,   Tel: 02392 291 574  it is open until 6pm

Initially verified  March 2019


Smaller BLACK bins for food recycling